The art of caregiving: Eric Lee finds a medical home at Silt Family Practice

When artist Eric Lee came to Silt more than six years ago, he was already an established abstract glass artist. His work was featured in art festivals around the country and in galleries in Park City, Miami and Sedona, and had showrooms in New York, Charlotte, Boston and Houston.

His painted glass works, created on the underside of tempered glass, are all one of a kind and are now produced in his studio in Silt, Colo. Focusing on abstract artwork, with a focus on color, transition and composition.

Eric has become a beloved figure in the Silt community and at Valley View’s Silt Family Practice. He initially visited the clinic during Covid, and became a friendly neighbor to the clinic staff, offering a wave on his local walks and drives. But while Eric had hip surgery a decade ago, he was wary of the cost and processes behind health care, calling himself “needle phobic.”

When Eric turned 65 he decided it was time to check in on his health, and stopped into Silt Family Practice one day on of his daily walks. He made an appointment and saw the team of nurse practitioner Jessica McDonnell and patient care technician Vanessa Ortiz.

“Eric wanted to know exactly what was going to happen at his appointment,” says Jessica. She and Vanessa took the time to not only explain every detail, but also to really listen to all of Eric’s concerns. They treated his aliments and helped plan for his care moving forward.

Eric’s experience at Silt Family Practice, he says, changed his life – it even alleviated his fear of needles.

“The phlebotomist was so good and everyone was so nice, I will always come back because I like the people and the care.”

As a token of his appreciation, Eric hung two pieces of his artwork in the clinic, representing his interpretation of Silt Family Practice’s healing environment.

“I know I’m in good hands with them,” he says. “The caliber of the nurses is what keeps me coming back and that trust in them transfers to the whole Valley View organization. You don’t feel like a number. Every single person at Valley View offers excellent human contact. It’s my best healthcare experience ever.”