How can I get a COVID-19 test at Valley View?
A physician referral is required for a COVID-19 test at Valley View. Call your primary care provider to determine if you are eligible for testing. 

Our primary care practices have the ability to collect specimens in their offices to send for testing. Other patients may be directed to Valley View Hospital for their test. Regardless of location, your safety remains our top priority and we have expanded safety measures in place.

Primary Care Locations for COVID-19 Testing 

Eagle Valley Family Practice at Valley View

Internal Medicine at Valley View
Glenwood Springs | Silt

Pediatric Partners at Valley View
Glenwood Springs | Willits | Silt

Roaring Fork Family Practice at Valley View
Carbondale | Willits

Silt Family Practice at Valley View

VirtualCare at Valley View
Offered by all providers at all locations.

Call any of the primary care practices listed above to learn more.

My provider has ordered a COVID-19 test for me at Valley View Hospital. Now what do I do?
Please wait approximately two hours after your physician makes the order to come to the Hospital.

Please register at the main entrance or the Emergency Department entrance then proceed to the laboratory on the 2nd floor for the hospital.

To confirm that Valley View Hospital has received your physician order, call 970.384.6856.

How and when will I get my results?
Your test results will be sent to the provider who ordered your test. If you need your results in writing, please work with that provider to do so.

Currently, results are being returned same-day to up to 48 hours.

Testing Information for Community Providers
Community physicians, dentists, and allied health providers may order testing. Providers must be authorized by both state law and hospital policy to order diagnostic laboratory tests.

  • Dentists: to order a COVID-19 test, fax this form to our lab at 970.945.2495. 
  • Other Community Providers: to order a COVID-19 test, fax this form to our lab at 970.945.2495.

Please direct any general questions to Stacey Gavrell, PIO 970.384.6623.

For general questions about COVID-19 testing, please call 970.384.7632. 

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